Meet the Maker - XOkiddo

Meet the Maker - XOkiddo

My Background

I’m so excited to introduce you to XOKiddo!

XOKiddo is a trendy yet timeless, organic children's fashion label for the cool kids. We are a London based label designed by myself, Rona Hollows for boys and girls ages one to five. 


I was born and raised in the Netherlands and there is no denying my Dutch genes in my design. A combination of minimalism and practicality, coupled with bold experimentation and quirkiness made Dutch design a worldwide success. 

All of these characteristics run true in XOKiddo. In particular it is the quality of the tailoring, the bold use of contrasting colours, and the minimalistic approach to design that makes XOKiddo undeniably Dutch.

In a world that is overloaded with complicated design and busy prints XOKiddo has a strong theme of simplicity. The collection consists of beautiful, unisex, quality basics that are contemporary yet timeless and super practical. These basics are complemented with seasonal pieces that are more akin to the experimental and quirky characteristics of Dutch design. 

Only the best organic fabrics available are used to ensure everyday comfort and durability. We hope your little one enjoys wearing the garments as much as we love making them!

Rona Hollows XO

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